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If you've been keeping an eye on the viewing figures for The Walking Dead over the last few years, you'll know that the decline in numbers has been steady. For a show that's been around for nine years, there is always going to be some level of drop-off but the last two years have seen an acceleration of pace of those giving up on the show. The truth is, there is a lot of dissatisfaction out there amongst former (and some current) viewers and although everyone will have a slightly different reason for throwing the towel in, there are several big factors that have had a big impact. The most notable of which perhaps, is the shedding of the shows best characters - and unfortunately the mid-seaso


“The Walking Dead” perseveres with the six-year time-jump. Not that I was expecting an “It was all a dream” scenario, I am just still bothered by how the time-jump has been handled thus far. It still feels rather arbitrary and just a way to avoid handling and resolving complex narratives, rather than using the device as an opportunity to really drive the narrative forward. The problem with shaking a series up “etch-a-sketch” style is that the writers need to make interesting but believable changes - changes that make sense for these characters. All we have seen so far is a rehash of familiar drama, the only novel touch being the new hairstyles and a thoroughly bizarre relationship (actually,


I must admit that after the final scene of last week's episode of The Walking Dead, I was pretty apprehensive about what the future of this series – and the franchise as a whole. We've lost many big characters over the years but the recent departures of Rick and Carl Grimes have really changed the face of the show. How the writers deal with this is going to be interesting but also extremely important. Rick's departure leaves a gaping hole and although the show has morphed into something of an ensemble piece, he has been the one constant throughout and to lose him at this point feels particularly damaging. However, his absence provides the opportunity for fresh characters and impetus and idea


Well, well, well. What did you think of all that eh? Most of those who have been rather frustrated by the pacing and plot of the show for the last couple of seasons will have been wishing for new showrunner Angela Kang to implement some new ideas and energy into the show. The first few episodes of series nine have been steady if unspectacular but still, it has felt like a step in the right direction. However, the real focus of this series has been Rick Grimes and his impending departure. The marketing team have been out in force, trying to spin the loss of the central character of the show into something of an event – which I assume they hope will lead to a spike in the declining ratings. Fo

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