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Episode 4 was very Michonne-centric, juxtaposing her life as a caring, nurturing member of her community, with her warrior-like identity. Michonne has always been a great character, a complicated character, and I enjoyed spending some time with her without her merely serving as a device to prop up or provide a sounding board to another character, like she often has done over the past couple of seasons. The opening scenes hinted that she could not ever be completely as peace being a care-giver, she will always have to fight; she will always need to. The way the scenes are directed suggest she actually finds that the mechanics of battle may come more naturally to her than the role of community


Episode 3 was another solid episode of “The Walking Dead”. So far, series nine has been a marked improvement on the last. That said, it is difficult to comprehend what “The Walking Dead” will look like post-Rick Grimes. So far, the series has been a ticking clock…as an audience, we are just waiting for Andrew Lincoln/Rick Grimes’ exit. Advertising around this spoiler has been rather curious; instead of playing “will they/won’t they” around Rick’s future on the show, their entire advertising campaign has revolved around the fact Rick will be leaving the series, even specifying which episode will be his last. The speculation is more focused on how he will depart, with rumours that they may lea


We covered a fair bit of ground in episode two but unlike certain episodes in series past, it still felt like there was enough substance and momentum to keep us engaged. It's great to see the ensemble cast all get equal amounts of screen time – and it makes for a much smoother viewing experience. I must admit, I was also hoping that as there was a sizeable time jump between this and the previous series, that they would relocate some of the action and maybe change up some of the personnel but alas it looks as if we are set to continue with more of the same. The challenge for the writers is to make things feel a little different and to explore some new dramatic avenues and I think in that resp


A Bevy of Sample Log Lines from Recent Films In our travels as the “pitch guys,” we are often called upon to talk about log lines. It’s not hard to see why. Of all the kinds of pitches, the most common kind in the film and TV business is the humble log line. Usually two or three sentences, running 50 words or less, it’s the briefest answer to the question, “So, what’s it about?” But for all their brevity, crafting a good log line can be surprisingly difficult. In our book, The Hollywood Pitching Bible: 3rd Edition, we spend something like 15 pages on the topic, but for the purposes of this article, we will summarize the kinds of elements that a good log line should convey: Assuming the lo


So The Walking Dead returned to our screens last night – and although the Rick Grimes shaped cat was let out of the bag months ago, the premiere reminded us that there are a lot of other players and storylines to pay attention to. The Walking Dead has always been something of an ensemble cast (more so in the last few series especially) but we can expect some of the regulars, like Carol, Daryl and Michonne to fill the void that Rick will leave when he departs in a few episodes time. Details of the exact nature of his departure are still under wraps and at this point there seems like little point trying to guess how it will all unfold. All we can hope for is that his impending exit doesn't get

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