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Last night’s mid season finale saw the resolution of one story thread and the introduction of a couple of others. Mid-season finales used to be rather explosive affairs back in the day but the main action is usually reserved for the episode before the mid-season finale nowadays. The mid season finale itself is a chance to set up the stuff that is going to be the main focus of the show when it returns next year (February). Siddiq’s death in last week’s episode was really the climax of the first half of series 10 and last night we pretty much resumed where we left off with Dante lying to Rosita about her partner’s whereabouts before deciding to kill her as she clearly sensed something was up


Siddiq's psychological breakdown has been an ongoing thread in the narrative of season 10 of The Walking Dead. Last week saw his mental state worsen to the point where he was posing a risk to his own daughter. This week, his nightmares got even worse and with tragic consequences... The Siddiq storyline was the main focus of the episode so I'll get onto that in a bit but first of all let's take a look at everything else that happened. Aaron and Gamma have obviously met up a few more times since their first exchange and although they aren't exactly friends at this point, the fact that they are civil and not ripping each others faces off is something. Aaron appears to be trying to connect with


Episode six was another where those looking for high tension and bloodshed will have been left a little disappointed. However, it's vital to have episodes like this, where we focus on some B stories as well as furthering the main plot, albeit in a less showy kind of way. This week the story was split in four and I'll look at each in turn; 1) Eugene makes a connection After professing his love for Rosita (and that he was only friends with her because he thought it would increase his chances of getting it on with her), Eugene has been hiding away playing with his audio equipment (that's not a euphemism). He's not one that seems to need much human contact or affection but it seems as if he's b


Last week felt a bit like the calm before the storm – the show allowing the audience to take a collective breath before things get ramped up a notch or two. We're not too far from the mid-season finale so tensions will rise and the action will increase. Episode four ended with the news that Negan had escaped (or been allowed to escape) and was on the run and it is his company we kept for a good portion of episode 5... Negan's character arc trajectory has been heading in a certain direction for quite some time now. It's actually hard to believe at times that this was the man who bashed in the skulls of a couple of very popular characters back in the day. But if The Walking Dead has shown us a

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