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It's tough for exorcism movies. Like shark movies, they seem destined to forever live in the shadow of a movie that set the standards almos

THE LOST BOYS (October 23rd)

I had the urge to watch something from the 1980s this evening. It's a decade that most movie fans agree was the most fruitful in terms of th

SCARE ME (October 20th)

Time was of the essence again tonight (work is hectic right now) but the good thing is that it means I don't have the luxury of spending 27

UPGRADE (October 19th)

One Director whose stock is on the rise is Leigh Whannell. The Australian film-maker made his breakthrough nearly 20 years ago with Saw and

THE STALKER (October 18th)

I was short of time today so when I stumbled across a film called The Stalker on Amazon Prime that was an hour long, it just felt right. Usu

BLOODY BIRTHDAY (October 17th)

'I really can't wait to see these kids snuff it' is a line I said halfway through tonight's movie. Not a line that I think I've said very

SCANNERS (October 16th)

David Cronenberg has made some really great and really interesting movies over the years. His last few films have been fine (Maps to the St

RINGU (October 15th)

I can still remember the first time I watched Hideo Nakata's Ringu. I was 18 years old and had been an avid horror fan for a couple of years

CAM (October 14th)

In Cam, we follow a young beautiful woman called Alice (played by the brilliant Madeline Brewer) who works as a camgirl for a website called

PET (October 13th)

Men eh? I mean, most of us are perfectly fine and decent but if horror movies are anything to go by, we're a bunch of bastards.

SESSION 9 (October 12th)

So it was my anniversary today and as I am a bit of a rebel I decided to eschew the whole bouquet of flowers and jewellery thing.

THE BEYOND (October 11th)

If I have one significant horror blindspot then I would say that it's the whole Italian thing which sort of spanned from the late 70s to lat

BIRD BOX (October 9th)

I'm still getting used to the whole 'Netflix has just released a horror film' thing. There's something cool about hearing some chatter about

NOROI: THE CURSE (October 8th)

J-Horror was particularly popular in the west after a terrifying little movie called Ringu crawled its way out of the TV set and into our ni

QUARANTINE 2 (October 7th)

As well as using the 31 Days challenge to watch a bunch of films that I've never seen before, I'm also planning to rewatch a couple that I h

SAINT MAUD (October 6th)

Religion and horror have been bedfellows since the inception of the genre. Even though in the first world religion has lost some of its powe

DEAD SHACK (October 5th)

If I had to single out my least favourite horror sub-genre, I think it would probably be horror-comedy. You may think that's odd for a websi

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