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Okay. So here we go. Another New Year of horror.

We’ve come up with this list of films that we’ve got our eyes on over the next 12 months. There’s a lot there to get potentially excited about. Franchise sequels, original scares … and Nic Cage as Dracula!

However, you know better than us that these details are extremely … err ... flexible. Some dates are tenuous at most. Releases will be pushed back, cancelled, or even brought forward. At least some of these will premiere on Shudder and other streaming channels. Some of these may quietly slip onto VOD, whereas others may just slump into release purgatory. We’ve tried to include all promising (and some not-so-promising) titles. This includes films being given a USA release but no official UK data, and some which are just vaguely expected in 2023.

We hope you enjoy this journey into forthcoming attractions, and it puts some films on your viewing list.

Let’s go …

Devil [Original title: The Devil Conspiracy

Directed by Nathan Frankowski

13th January (USA Only – No UK date yet)

Nutty looking biblical apocalypse movie that has hot-mess written all over it. With a plot that sounds a bit like Christopher Walken’s 1995 film “The Prophecy”, it seems that angels St Michael and Lucifer Morningstar are renewing their beef by possessing mortals. Oh, and the Shroud of Turin gets stolen by a devilish cult, and there’s the imminent birth of the anti-Christ … or something. Production values look higher than you would expect, but you would already know if this was one for you or not

The Offering

Directed by Oliver Park

13th January (USA Only – No UK date yet)

An interesting and creepy-looking Hebrew horror that looks like it’s a mixture of “The Vigil” and “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”. An ancient demon looks to get hold of a child for its own insidious purposes. Promising. Watch out for Brit actor Paul Kaye adding another genre string to his bow after “Game of Thrones” and multiple TV appearances.

Enys Men

Directed by Mark Jenkin

13th January (USA Only – No UK date yet)

More English folk horror ahoy! With shades of “Shepherd” and “The Wicker Man”, the 1970s-set plot sees a wildlife volunteer on a Cornish island haunted by disturbing noises and images. Surreal and disturbing if the trailer is anything to go by. Early reviews also praise its uncompromising nature and willingness to flummox the viewer. Seeing this is the first attempt at horror by the “Bait” filmmaker you would expect nothing less. By the way, the title rhymes with “Tennis Mane”. You’re welcome.


Directed by Deon Taylor

27th January (USA Only – No UK date yet)

Unorthodox-looking horror (which is our way of saying the trailer is all over the place) from the director of “Black and Blue” and “Chain Letter”. Shot during the pandemic, the film ironically has a group of friends being subjected to a “contagious airborne threat”. Presumably, something that makes people see their worst fears. Just an educated guess…

Infinity Pool

Directed by Brandon Cronenberg

27th January (USA Only – No UK date yet)

After the uber-weirdness of “Possessor”, David Cronenberg’s son continues down a dark directorial path that his father favoured. This film boasts the presence of current horror hot properties Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth in its cast. As to what it’s actually about …well, a couple taking a holiday on a tropical island get sucked into a depraved subculture after being affected by an accident. Looks suitably weird and Goth seems to be having a ball with the material.


Directed by Jon Wright

27th January (UK)

Described by its director as “Gremlins” meets “Straw Dogs”, if that doesn’t make you want to see it, we don’t know what would. It follows the trials of a city-bred couple moving into a house in rural Ireland. The locals don’t want them there … and neither do the murderous goblins in the woods! We’re promised practical effects rather than CGI and it looks fun. We loved Wright’s criminally underrated “Grabbers” so we’re looking forward to this.