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Ok so half of these were listed on the 'Horror films we're looking forward to in 2020' article from the start of last year but thanks to you know what, they never saw the light of day. And whilst we can never predict what 2021 will bring, we are quite hopeful that we'll get to see some of these at least!

Escape Room 2

(Director: Adam Robitel)

No plot details available.

The follow-up to Adam Robitel's money-spinning Escape Room (the film made $150m from a budget of less than $10m) was due to be released late last year but got bumped to 2021. And whilst we don't know any plot details as yet - and no trailer has been released, we do know that both Taylor Russell and Logan Miller are to reprise their roles. If it's half as fun as the first film, then it'll be worth a watch.

Don't Breathe 2

(Director: Rodo Sayagues)

The Blind Man returns to terrorize more unsuspecting people.

Another sequel to look forward to! This one has been in the works for years and the film will mark the directorial debut of Rodo Sayagyes (who co-wrote the first movie). Expect lots of tension, violence and a summer release.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife