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In FINAL RECALL, Wesley Snipes is a no-nonsense survivalist trying to stop aliens from taking over planet Earth, and attempting to convince a cabin full of teens what is at stake. All the elements of a knockout aliens versus humans sci-fi chiller are in place - creepy creatures, dazzling effects, abductions into a flying saucer, and Snipes charging around the woods in army gear, Predator-style, with a pump-action shotgun, blasting at black-eyed beasties in an attempt to save humanity. Here are some other choice alien invasion films to keep you watching the skies…


This adaptation of John Wyndham’s classic novel sees Earth attacked my giant plants - triffids - after a meteor shower hits the planets. Howard Keel and co fight back - with scythes, shovels and weed killer! Wyndham’s book was also turned into a TV mini-series in the 1980s, which is very scary and, after watching it, you’ll never trust a lettuce again.


Philip Kaufman’s horror sci-fi epic, based on Jack Finney’s novel, is set in San Francisco, where aliens are craftily cloning humans in pods, in a bid to take over. The aliens do their dirty work at night - when you sleep - and you can’t tell when someone is actually an alien clone. Except that they don’t show any emotion. It’s genuinely frightening, and all about who is real, and who is an imposter pod person. Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Brooke Adams and Leonard Nimoy star. Wait a minute - Leonard Nimoy - you mean Spock, the emotionless Vulcan? Run for your lives...

XTRO (1982)

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