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Ten other IT films So you’re desperate to see a movie. A horror movie. But you want to see one with an “IT” in the title. Having an “IT” in the name normally indicates some kind of nameless terror, and automatically sends shivers up your spine. Easily solved surely. After all, that nice Stephen King has just had one of his best novels adapted for the big screen, and that’s called “IT”. It’s breaking all kinds of records and most people seem to love the movie, even that pesky Rotten Tomatoes. But hold on a minute … you suffer from severe Coulrophobia, a mortal dread of clowns. So you can’t possible see Pennywise the Dancing Clown in all his jittery fanged glory! What to do? What to do? Panic


10 TIMES MOM DIDN'T KNOW BEST... Mothers, eh? Where would we be without them? They nurture and guide us through life as best as they can and ask for little in return … unless they’re in horror movies of course. In which case they’re just as likely to manipulate their offspring, produced killing machines, or slaughter innocent victims themselves. Darren Aronofsky’s new mind-bender “mother!” is out very shortly. According to early opinions it is something of a harrowing affair, with that nice young Jennifer Lawrence in a relationship with the shifty Javier Bardem, and having her house invaded by a gang of strangers. We’ve tried to avoid as many spoilers online as possible, and you can expect a


Why do so many horror Directors end up making superhero movies? Unless you’ve been living in a lead-lined cave over the past decade, or just hate movies (and if so … why are you reading this?), then you’ll know about cinema’s current love affair with the superhero genre. With both Marvel studios and Warner’s DCEU branch mapping out prospective films well past the year 2020, along with Sony’s grab-bag of X-Men/Spiderman orientated characters, and various other comic-book inspired projects (James Wan has been trying to get “Malignant Man” off the ground for years), it’s not something that’s going away anytime soon. In the remaining months of this year, the next “Thor” movie will hit the box-of

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