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If you were planning to make a super scary film about a young couple trapped in a creepy hotel for the night, to ensure the film was really soaked in dread, you’d film it an ACTUAL haunted hotel, right? That’s exactly what the makers of the new horror chiller THE NIGHT did - the film was shot on location in downtown Los Angeles, at the real-life Hotel Normandie - that is believed to have had ghostly residents over the years! For those inclined to be sceptical about such things, here are some accounts from YouTubers, travel writers and the like, who have booked into the Normandie for the night… and lived to tell the tale...

A sleepless night at the Normandie

Popular YouTube ghost hunters Corey Scherer and Aaron Doh paid a visit to the Normandie and picked up some very strange vibes indeed. “Apparently, all of the rooms are haunted,” says a nervous-looking Corey before they go in for the night. “People have seen figures walking around, they’ve heard footsteps, doors slamming - so we decided to get a room!” Things get immediately creepy when the boys can’t get into their room - and when they do, there’s a welcome note on the bed for someone else. Then the doorknob starts squeaking. At 3am it’s time to get out the K2 (ghost hunting gadget) and dousing rods. Aaron says “I got chills!” You’ll get chills too...

Do not disturb!

On the website Haunted Rooms, the Normandie comes in at number 3 on a list of The 7 Most Haunted Hotels in Los Angeles (after The Chateau Marmont and The Pierpont Inn). The site claims visitors to the hotel “have been unable to sleep because of an unknown, or unsettling, feeling they get while in their hotel room”; as well as seeing shadowy figures. It sounds very similar to what happens in THE NIGHT. Goosebumps all round!

Ghosts… or just squeaking floorboards?

YouTubers The Royal Dorks went to Koreatown in Los Angeles, for a bit of sightseeing and… to visit the allegedly haunted Hotel Normandie. By all accounts the floors and stairs creaked ominously - mainly because they are made of wood and the hotel was built in the 1920s.

Seems like a nice place...