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The slasher movie was staple of the 70's and 80's. However, with found-footage and supernatural horror taking centre stage since the turn of the century, they've taken something of a back-seat. However there are still some gems out there. For those of you who need to get their stalk'n'slash fix - but don't necessarily want to see people with shoulder pads and fruzzy hair, here are a few of our favourite modern slasher titles.



Please don't hate us. We are aware that Cherry Falls isn't the greatest slasher film ever made. However, released in 2000, it is still imbued with that trashy, teeny aura that soon became a rarity within the genre. If we're being honest, one of the main reasons this film is on the list is the fantastic tagline; 'If you haven't had've had it'. Yep, Cherry Falls is about a serial killer who makes it his business to start offing local teenage virgins. Neat twist eh? Usually, in slasher films, virgins are the ones who are safe and it's the slutty chicks th.....oh you know, who am I kidding? The plot and ending are pretty bonkers – the film 'climaxes' in a huge orgy that the students set up in an effort to take themselves off the killers list. Beyond the absurdity, it's actually quite a subversive and humorous take on the slasher sub-genre.



Whilst most slasher movies have darkly comic moments, Severance is a film that triumphantly fuses out and out comedy with traditional slasher fare. Any film that can make you laugh quite regularly but that also maintains a dark and foreboding atmosphere is a rare thing. Chris Smith's British-German comedy-horror follows a group of co-workers who head to rural Hungary on a team-building trip. Office politics is suddenly not the biggest problem when someone stars offing the gang one by one. Severance is like The Office fused with a nasty slasher movie and if that doesn't appeal to you then something is wrong with you. Even Danny Dyer is bearable.