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So that's that then for another six months or so. And after two seasons of watching Rick and the gang fight it out with Negan and the saviours, my overriding feeling after the finale is one of relief. It's no secret that the viewing figures for The Walking Dead have been falling away on a gradual but constant basis for a few series now – and whilst I have my issues with the show (who hasn't), I'm not about to throw the towel in just yet. I've watched it for eight seasons at this point and am accepting of the fact that some series will be better than others. Like most viewers, I think that the last two series have possibly been the weakest of any but I am quietly hopeful of the post-saviour f


There was real tension in this week’s episode; I would even say it is up there with the strongest in this season. Most of the tense scenes involved Negan, particularly when he shared the screen with Simon and Dwight. It was both satisfying and squirm-inducing to watch. It was even revealed that Simon coordinated the murder of all the men and boys at Oceanside – reminding us that Negan is “moderate” by comparison. I will miss Simon – he deserved to die, but he was great to watch. He may not have been as tough as Negan in hand-to-hand combat, but he was certainly a superior villain. Negan loves to showboat and he appeared to take real pleasure in toying with Dwight, right until the closing sce


I thought this week’s episode was rather anti-climactic. After the teaser for this episode I had wanted to see more of Negan and Jadis. Their scenes were not poor but the most interesting thing that emerged (again) was the helicopter. “What the sh!t?” indeed Negan! We did at least get a reference to Negan's wife (also named Lucille) and although we didn't see the photos that Jadis valued so highly, we can only assume that they were of loved ones that have been lost (although why on earth did she leave a bag with a gun, a flare gun and a load of personal photos next to Negan? Come on Jadis, you're better than that!) It's a common theme and when we look at all the major players in this episode

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