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  • garrett.lakits
    Apr 23

    I came to this site after hearing a spot on the podcast, Unnormal Paranormal Podcast. While listening I gathered that I have a similar taste in horror movies as RJ so I decided to stop on your site and read up. After reading reviews on the site regarding The Ritual (great monster reveal) and The Vault (ending did feel rushed), I am extremely happy I caught that podcast. It is very difficult to wade through the Horror muck these days with so many online streaming sites. A thank you to RJ and David for keeping this site going in order to guide Horror fans through the watered down blah. You will continuously have a fan in Pittsburgh, PA, USA!
  • Orphia
    Dec 14, 2018

    Hi ! I've been a horror fan my whole life ever since I can remember, and I'm very interested in the psychology, and philosophy of the genre. I love to have a deeper look at who the monsters REALLY are, see what I mean ? Love to discuss themes, and the symbols represented in characters, that kinda stuff...
  • youvegotredonyou
    Aug 25, 2017
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