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British indie horror feature Opus Dei has just launched it's funding campaign on Kickstarter. 

The film will be an expansive re-imagining of the award winning short of the same name and will be the debut feature for newly formed production company Suspiric Noir. Opus Dei will combine elements of Horror and Film Noir to tell a unique, shocking and thought provoking story of mystery, conspiracy, violence and faith to unleash on audiences in 2018.


Over the last few years Suspiric Noir - spearheaded George Najdzien (Writer, Director) and Klayton Dean (Director, Cinematographer), as well as many frequent collaborators, have specialised in dark, compelling media, including acclaimed experimental film Feed the Black and the original Opus Dei short. 

Now the team is ready to make the leap into the feature film realm and they are asking for support to help the project become a reality. Pledges will help put Opus Dei and Suspiric Noir on to the big screen for the first time.


Opus Dei tell the story of emotionally fractured detective Mason Tucker, who enters the remote, rural town of Newark, in 1960's Britain, hunting for answers behind the disappearance of Eileen Harris after he receives a mysterious letter. His quest sends him down a path of danger and conspiracy, and is one that will challenge his morals, beliefs and his sanity. Mason must uncover the darkness of the seemingly peaceful town and dive into the minds of its inhabitants at any cost to discover the truth. Through a script built on tense, intriguing dialogue, cinematography resonating to a dark, striking Neo-Noir feel and combining this with disturbing, horrific sequences of extreme violence, our primary goal is to create a thought provoking and brutally shocking film. One that truly has the potential to be unique, yet nostalgic in the homage it pays to its inspirations. An experience that questions the extreme lengths people go to for their beliefs, and how those ideologies can be the catalyst for tragic events. Something that has been extremely relevant throughout history. 

For more info and to support the project, check out the Kickstarter campaign here. There are tonnes of cool rewards on offer for those who contribute, including PDF copies of the script, Digital Movie Downloads, Blu-Rays, Coffee Table books, production credits, premiere invites and more!

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