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This was a confusing episode. There was plenty of action, there were promising flourishes, but ultimately it fell a little flat by the end. Some scenes were tense and engaging but others were undermined by silly errors and inconsistencies that could have easily have been avoided. Morgan’s character is in a downward spiral, and I simply don’t enjoy his screen-time anymore. The scenes where he is quite literally “haunted” are just boring and unoriginal at this stage. If I didn’t have to write this blog, I’d likely fast-forward through them. One of the most troubling inconsistencies is Maggie’s pregnancy: her bump has barely grown but her hair has grown several inches since the end of season 6.


Potentially, last night’s episode was a real game-changer. There were strong points and weak points to this episode. Much of the episode felt like we had watched it before (which I know is a complaint I repeatedly level at this show). Rick trying to kill Negan, hard-line Maggie, Simon’s acrobatic eyebrows… But, in amongst this, we met new characters, and these characters brought an altogether more hopeful message. Undoubtedly, their scenes will divide audiences. Admittedly “Georgie”, “Hilda” and “Midge” do sound more like Enid Blyton characters and there was some clumsy humour in there, which didn’t really feel like it completely worked. But I did feel they breathed some life into the episod


This week we got to hang out with a few characters who we haven't spent too much time with recently. Rick and Michonne and Jadis were nowhere to be seen. Instead we spent our time flitting between the Saviours, Hill Top and Daryl and the Alexandrians. We also got to chill with a poorly Father Gabriel and Dr Carlson as they were road tripping around. To be honest I had forgotten they were on the loose and their escape before the mid-season break had totally slipped my mind. Your car breaking down in the middle of the zombie apocalypse is never a fun experience – and even less so when one of you can barely see anything. But Gabriel and Carlson's luck seemed to change when they stumbled upon a


Dare I say it? That was a much better episode. After complaining the director’s flourishes were staid and samey, this episode had a rather different feel. I could argue there was little point to the “title cards” but it would be futile to complain about a small detail in an episode that was a vast improvement on the last. This week we followed Rick, Michonne, Negan, Simon, Jadis, and Aaron and Enid. I will admit, I had forgotten all about Aaron and Enid. I had also forgotten Enid’s name when it came to write this review. This only highlights how diluted the “core characters” have become, and how little time we spend with any one character (this makes me think of how little I felt when we los


What does “The Paradox” mean for the future of the franchise? We loved “Cloverfield”. We adored “10 Cloverfield Lane”. We were… actually disappointed and underwhelmed by “The Cloverfield Paradox”. But let’s push aside the majority of critical reactions, and the whole politics behind the surprise Netflix-exclusive deal, which finally brought “Paradox” to screens around the world. As much as this writer felt somewhat let-down by the latest chapter in this unlikely franchise, I just wanted to share a few thoughts behind the possible repercussions of that movie’s plot and what it may mean for any future entries. We know that the upcoming WW2 horror “Overlord” is reportedly the next “Cloverfield”

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